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Discover the Magic of Handcrafted Elegance

Explore a curated collection of crochet wonders, each crafted with love and whimsy

Eco-friendly Materials

I cherish nature as much as you cherish quality. My selection of eco-friendly materials ensures that every creation is not only beautiful but also kind to Mother Earth.

Free Shipping

I value your choice to support handmade craftsmanship. Enjoy free shipping on me, and anticipate the arrival of a piece made with love and care.

Custom Creations

Your vision melded with my craftsmanship. At Selam’s Handmade, I offer custom orders to bring your unique ideas to life, creating a crochet masterpiece that resonates with your personal style.

Crafting Joy Since 2019

At Selam’s Handmade, I invite you to explore a diverse collection of crochet wonders, each piece crafted with love and a touch of whimsy.

My Values

At Selam’s Handmade, my values are the threads that bind my community and creations together. They guide every stitch I make, fostering a culture of ethical craftsmanship, sustainability, and quality.

  1. Ethical Craftsmanship:
    I believe in fair practices that honor the skill, time, and love invested in every handmade item. My ethos is to create in harmony with nature and humanity.
  2. Sustainability:
    My journey is intertwined with nature, inspiring me to choose eco-friendly materials and practices that ensure a greener tomorrow.
  3. Quality:
    Meticulous attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of perfection ensure that every creation is a testament to superior quality, destined to be cherished for years to come.

My Store

Selam’s Handmade isn’t just a store, it’s a heartwarming narrative told through the art of crochet. Foundedin 2019, my company is a cozy corner in the vast world, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern aesthetics. Over the years, I have nurtured a community of patrons who value the essence of handmade, the warmth of a thoughtful design, and the joy of owning something truly unique.

My Materials

The materials I choose are the canvas for our creativity. At Selam’s Handmade, I meticulously source high-quality, sustainable yarns and accessories that not only enhance the beauty of my creations but also resonate with my eco-conscious ethos. My love for nature is intertwined with every fiber, leading me to prefer materials that are organic, recycled, or ethically produced, ensuring that every stitch reflects my commitment to Mother Earth.

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